Zuppa d’Aglio – Garlic Soup

This light and festive soup was first created in my own kitchen in 2012. Since then I have served this colorful dish both as a light and casual meal and as a matter of course in larger menus.

It’s freshness and uniquely sweet and nutty complex of flavors has won raves from family and friends and I am sure it will be equally as delightful to yours.

The recipe, as written, will serve 2 -4 but can easily be adjusted as necessary. It stands well and will keep 7 – 10 days when stored covered, in a non-reactive container, in the refrigerator.



Want to add a little spice to dinner? Try this hearty, Tai inspired recipe: A spin on the old beans and rice theme. It’s a flash in the pan – Colorful and aromatic – Special enough for intimate dinners or casual affairs.

Serves 4-6

Preparation time: Approximately 60 minutes with 1 lb. black beans, soaked and cooked until tender.

Pan Di Spagna – Italian Sponge Cake

This recipe serves a very traditional Sicilian desert, garnered and edited for the American kitchen, from Il Talismano, long the National Cookbook of Italy, originally published by Ada Bon; 1928.

Through much trial and error I have adapted this recipe from the Italian and offer it as a wonderful desert or coffee-time treat. While this recipe intends to be the desert itself, I find it also makes a wonderful base-layer cake recipe and is perfect when topped with fresh fruit and/or pastry cremes.


Preparation time: Approximately 1 1/2 hours (including baking time)

Vegetarian Eggplant Stew – Delicious and Filling with No Fat and Few Carbs

Eggplant is low in carbs, high in fiber, with zero fat. Some methods of cooking eggplant drain vital nutrients. Here is a healthy, no salt recipe for serving eggplant.

That eggplant has become a popular vegetable in the American diet is evident from the piles of fresh eggplant in supermarkets, where once there were one or two on display. Eggplant is one of the nightshade family of vegetables, that contain such a low carbohydrate level that they are allowed on the Atkins low carbohydrate diet.

Nutritional Value of Eggplant

One cooked eggplant provides 10% of the daily requirement for fiber, has only 8 grams of carbohydrate, has 0% fat and no cholesterol. Eggplant is rich in phytonutrients, believed to combat cellular oxidization and cancer. In some countries it is eaten as often as Americans eat potatoes, is just as filling, but without the carbs and the fatty garnishes used on potatoes.


Apple Almond Pudding

A deliciously buttery apple and almond pudding for the Autumn and Winter. Best served with thick, clotted cream or custard.

This pudding is simple to make and utilizes the first crops of apples and Autumn berries to their best advantage.

To enhance the flavours of the buttery spiced apples, serve the pudding covered with clotted cream or thick, creamy custard. To add more texture to the fruit, add chopped dates.